Flower and Energy Essences are a very special type of holistic healing that work with the nature spirits and elementals that give form to all living things. Our nervous system receives and transmits knowledge, accessing the bio-energy/life force that is unique to each flower or natural material. Essences work in subtle, gentle and safe ways on the fields of energy within and around our body, allowing healing to take place at all levels.

The Hawaiian language is beautiful and complex. The word, Akua, has many meanings. I use it here to mean the invisible, creative essence of nature, including the nature spirits that surround us. Please use these Essences with deep love and gratitude for the guidance, love, friendship and total commitment to our healing from the Flower and Nature Spirits.

Allow me to be your guide in choosing and working with the vibrational healing qualities of Flower & Energy Essences. Working co-creatively with the Akua, nature spirits, devas and elementals, each drop of the healing waters of Flower & Energy Essences vibrates with its own positive healing quality.

Molly from Green Hope Farm reminds us to follow our hearts when being guided to take Flower Essences.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer my combined training and experience in holistic hypnosis, vibrational healing, meridian tapping, educational kinesiology, breath awareness and Hawaiian healing to begin the process of change, activate healing and inspire a beautiful life with intuition, expertise, elegance, compassion, grace, truth, love and gratitude.

I hope you benefit from the information shared here. If this is different from what you have been taught, I am sorry. Please enjoy what is of interest to you and leave the rest.

Take care, Sally

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 19 Values of Aloha

Expect Hō‘imi, healthy doses of curious experimentation and optimistic disruption.

Aloha is a value, one of unconditional love of self and others. Aloha is the outpouring and receiving of the spirit. The breath of life.

The value of working with intent and with purpose.

‘Imi ola
To seek the best life. Our purpose in life is proactive destiny, seeking life in its highest form.

Perseverance, tenacity, resilience. To continue, to perpetuate. Never give up.

Kūlia i ka nu'u  (Koo-lee-a ee ka noo-oo)
Achievement. Pursue personal excellence. Strive to reach the summit.

The hospitality of complete giving. Welcome guests and strangers with your spirit of Aloha.

Those who are family, and those you choose to call your family. ‘Ohana is a human circle of complete Aloha.

Collaboration and cooperation. Harmony and unity. People who work together can achieve more.

All of us. Inclusiveness. We are all in this together. Learn to speak the language of "we".

One’s personal sense of responsibility. I accept my responsibilities, and I will be held accountable.

‘Ike loa
To know well. To seek wisdom, knowledge and mastery.

Humility. Be humble, be modest, and open your thoughts.

Respect. Honor the dignity of others. Conduct yourself with distinction, and cultivate respectfulness.

Leadership. Lead with initiative, and with your good example. You shall be the guide for others when you have gained their trust and respect.

Compassion. To take care of. To serve and to honor, to protect and care for.

Thank you, as a way of living. Live in thankfulness for the richness that makes life so precious. Be grateful for all the blessings that surround you.

Nānā i ke kumu
Look to Source, to your Spirit, find your personal truth.

Rightness, balance and ethical harmony. The feeling of contentment when all is good and all is right.

Ka lā hiki ola
Hope and promise. The dawning of a new day. Begin each day anew.

The 19 Values of Aloha
For more about values and why we choose them, we invite you to visit Rosa Say’s first posting for Teaching with Aloha: Why Choose Aloha Values?

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