Flower and Energy Essences are a very special type of holistic healing that work with the nature spirits and elementals that give form to all living things. Our nervous system receives and transmits knowledge, accessing the bio-energy/life force that is unique to each flower or natural material. Essences work in subtle, gentle and safe ways on the fields of energy within and around our body, allowing healing to take place at all levels.

The Hawaiian language is beautiful and complex. The word, Akua, has many meanings. I use it here to mean the invisible, creative essence of nature, including the nature spirits that surround us. Please use these Essences with deep love and gratitude for the guidance, love, friendship and total commitment to our healing from the Flower and Nature Spirits.

Allow me to be your guide in choosing and working with the vibrational healing qualities of Flower & Energy Essences. Working co-creatively with the Akua, nature spirits, devas and elementals, each drop of the healing waters of Flower & Energy Essences vibrates with its own positive healing quality.

Molly from Green Hope Farm reminds us to follow our hearts when being guided to take Flower Essences.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer my combined training and experience in holistic hypnosis, vibrational healing, meridian tapping, educational kinesiology, breath awareness and Hawaiian healing to begin the process of change, activate healing and inspire a beautiful life with intuition, expertise, elegance, compassion, grace, truth, love and gratitude.

I hope you benefit from the information shared here. If this is different from what you have been taught, I am sorry. Please enjoy what is of interest to you and leave the rest.

Take care, Sally

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kala Kalana Aloha Mahalo


I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

Ancient Kanaka Maoli wisdom from Hawai’i teaches that anything that comes to our attention is our responsibility. Anything that may be considered as negative can be cleared with the four phrases above.

By clearing any negative vibrations that may be attached to any person, place or thing, these four phrases can also attract positive vibrations to every area of your life.

The fun part is ... you are saying the phrases to yourself to clear whatever is happening inside you that resonates with any problem that comes to your attention.

I can easily wrap my heart and mind around the idea that I can always ask forgiveness for whatever part I have contributed to any problem.

You will discover that saying the phrases makes you happy.

And I believe that unhappiness is the only problem.

You can say them in any order. Use different tones of voice. Get creative. Have fun.

For example:
Recently a check out person at WholeFoods was really grumpy and rude to us. On the way out the door, my daughter says, "I am sorry that checker was so rude." "Please forgive me for having to interact with such a rude person." "Thank you so much that the rudeness was left behind." " I love us because we are clearing the negative energy instead of getting mad."


The first day of our vacation at Harstine, my daughter called from home saying that she had accidently locked her keys in the car and AAA wouldn't come if I wasn't there. The car was in the driveway of our home, but of course the spare key was no where to be found. I was very stressed and frustrated when I hung up the phone.....not the way I wanted to start my vacation.....and once again, my other daughter chimes in, "I am sorry". Then I immediately joined in with "Please forgive me." "I love you." "Thank you." And we were laughing as we said it again..... and again..... and just one more time for emphasis!

Especially now with all the troubling news about politics, the economy, and natural disasters, this is a very useful, positive way to contribute to the possibility of a solution instead of staying stuck in the problem.

For example:
Say to yourself with Sarah in mind, "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you." (IT WORKED!)

Say to yourself with the stock market in mind, " I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you."

Say to yourself with Hurricane Katrina in mind, "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you."

Remember ... you are saying the phrases to yourself to clear whatever is happening inside you that resonates with any problem that comes to your attention.

The next time something happens that would normally create a negative emotion or response, pause and say,

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Luminous Mind of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

The moment you shift from a mindstate of negativity or judgment to one of appreciation, there are immediate effects at many levels of your being: brain function becomes more balanced, harmonized, and supple; your heart begins to pump in a much more coherent and harmoniously balanced rhythm; and biochemical changes trigger a host of healthful balancing reactions throughout your body.

In the healing ways of indigenous people, the restorative power of gratitude was well understood. A heart filled with gratitude generates actions and prayers that complete the circle between the gift offered to us, the receiver of the gift, and the sacred source of the gift. To offer prayers of thanksgiving is a gesture of rejoicing in discovering the many gifts that life brings us.

Here is a practice to dwell in gratitude and thanksgiving:

Sitting quietly, shift toward dynamic balance with a few minutes of mindful breathing.

Bring to mind someone for whom you are deeply grateful. As you breathe in, take this person to heart. Breathing out, let your heartfelt gratitude shine deeply and brightly to them and through them. Continue for as long as you like, letting each breath take to heart a loved one, a friend, someone who has been kind to you, someone who is teaching you patience or how to forgive.

Let each breath shine from the depths of your being through the depths of their being in order to light up their life with your love. Taking your eyes, your ears, your hands, your intelligence to heart, bless them in a similar way with the heartfelt radiance of your appreciation. Whoever or whatever comes to mind, gather them into your heart, one at a time or all together.

Taking these many gifts to heart, complete and affirm the circle with gratitude, assuring that the stream of blessings in your life and in the universe will be unbroken."

-- Excerpted from Joel & Michelle Levey's new book
Luminous Mind: Meditation & Mind Fitness

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Each Flower Essences holds a unique vibrational wisdom.

Each Flower Essences holds a unique vibrational wisdom that breaks up some specific illusion that we exist separate from God. If we hold onto an illusion for long enough, it becomes more than just a mental or emotional idea in our energy system and will manifest in our physical body and affect our health.

For example, if your parents told you when you were small that you were a “pain in the neck”, you might believe it and proceed in all your interactions, even into adulthood, with the belief that you were an irritation to others. Eventually you might actually experience a pain in your neck.

Your body manifests the ideas you hold, whether you are fully conscious of them or not. Taking a Flower Essence to address a mental or emotional illusion will often result in a physical improvement. As the idea is dissolved, so too is the physical out-picturing of the idea.

When we take a Flower Essence, we offer our energy system a choice between continuing to vibrate at the denser rate of our mental or emotional illusion, or replacing it with the Flower Essence’s specific higher vibration of Oneness beyond illusion.

If you were the person experiencing this illusion of being a pain in the neck, you might take an Essence like Pink Tecoma with its vibrational truth “ I AM unconditionally loved by God. I AM God’s beloved child. The Divine Mother holds me in her embrace.” Pink Tecoma would hold this vibration in your energy system until you released the illusion and remembered the original truth.

I am not a purist about how to heal the illnesses resulting from our illusions, but one reason I love Flower Essences is because they so thoroughly get to the heart of the matter, once and for all. I have needed allopathic interventions in my life and am grateful for their gifts, but I look to Flower Essences to get to the source of the problems and to help me heal on the deepest level possible.

Each Flower Essences is a unique vibration of Love. So are we. Love is really at the heart of all illusion-busting and is our path home to Oneness with God. Flower Essences ignite the love within us, and therein lies their magic.

Click here to go to full interview with Molly from Green Hope Farm.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heart Focus, Heart Breathing, Heart Feeling

This is taken from the folks at Heart Math.

As you focus on the area of your heart, pretend your breathing is flowing in and out through your heart in a relaxed way….now, breathing just a little deeper than usual……connect with your core heart feelings… allowing shifts to just happen…

Let feelings of appreciation, love, care, compassion, connection, forgiveness, grace and gratitude wash through every cell of your body …now
As you do …use your intuition to recall a positive feeling….. a time when you felt good inside……experience it now……… Allowing it to happen naturally…
feelings of appreciation….of love….of care…….you have towards a special person, pet, or place you enjoy, or an activity that is fun…… it is often easier to let your unconscious do it easily and effortlessly…. letting that flow and deepen in any other ways.

As you engage your heart intelligence you bring about an increase in the coherence of all your systems…..and widen your heart rate variability wave as you create balance and harmony, enhance creativilty…..reduce stress, anxiety, and worry……make the changes you want to make in your life by aligning your heart and mind so your actions are genuine and effective.

Your emotions become aligned and in sync with your intentions in balance and understanding on all levels.
1) Notice and recognize any stress, any negative emotion or behavior pattern.
2) Push the imaginary pause button and freeze the frame.
3) Transferring energy from the perception of the problem to the possibility of for its solution.
4) Calm your negative mind and emotions.
5) Connect with positive feelings of appreciation, care, love, compassion, and forgiveness.
6) Attune your heart…now listen……using your intuition, common sense and sincerity…ask your heart “What would be a more efficient response to this situation, …. One that would minimize future stress?”
7) Receive insights and increase your capacity to arrive at convenient and practical solutions……accessing new resources, abilities and information that is now available to you.

With clarity and self awareness easily see the link between your thoughts, feelings, reactions and choices…..you are now free to experience the good things in life for a change, now that you know what works……your own emotional resonance you send out from your coherent heart …… it is like a magnet attracting people, situations, and opportunities as you enjoy this state of appreciation, love, care, compassion, connection, forgiveness, grace and gratitude.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hawaiian Culture Eia Ka Halawai

Eia Ka Halawai Ana Kuahiwi Hawai'i.....
Here is the gathering of the mountains of Hawai'i


He Puna Wai Ola O Na Pua.....
It's the wellsprings for the blossoms (progeny)

"OLA" / clap

Eia Na Wai Puna Hawai'i.....
Here are the waters of Hawai'i


E Ola Na Pua I Ka Malu 'Ai.....
Life in peace and comfort

"OLA" / clap

Eia Na Pua Hawai'i.....
Here are the progeny of Hawai'i


E Ola Kahua Kukulu Kanawai A Loina.....
Life to the foundation of law and protocol

"OLA" / clap

Eia Kekaulike.....
Here is balance and equality


O Ka Hale O Ku, O Ke Hale O Noho.....
Where the house stands, there man dwells

"OLA KA OHANA" / clap

Eia No Ka Ho'i.....
Here it is / It is correct.


Copyright © Ka Imi Naauao o Hawaii Nei

Dedicated to the Kanaka Maoli of Hawaii Nei and all those who work so diligently and carefully for sovereingty and recognition of this lawful nation.

Malama Pono.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Morning Song

A “Morning Song” For Healing and Transformation
The following “Morning Song” came through a non-physical teacher I follow, named P’taah, who is channeled through Jani King. For more information on both, simply click on either of the aforementioned names.

The “Morning Song” is meant to be sung aloud each morning to any tune you wish. It does not matter at all what tune is used, in fact, it is my belief that you can simply say it as a prayer or invocation and the results will be the same. What is most important is that it is done aloud and that it is with intention. So here it is:
"Indeed, you may create your own tune but we will give you the words.
Are you ready?"

"From the God/ Goddess of my being
I give forth thanks
For the love that I am,
for the love in my life and the love that surrounds me,
thank you.
Thank you for the miracle of life that I am
and thank you for the miracle of life
I see reflected all about me.
Thank you for the gift of life that I am.
Thank you for this perfect body,
my health and well-being,
thank you.
Thank you for the abundance that I am and
thank you for the abundance I see reflected all about me.
Thank you for the riches and the richness of my life and
thank you for the river of money
which flows to me and through me,
thank you.
Thank you for the excitement
and adventure of the millions of wondrous possibilities,
thank you.
Thank you for the wonderment
and thank you for the joy.
Thank you for the beauty and harmony.
Thank you for the peace and tranquility.
Thank you for the laughter
and thank you for the play.
And thank you for the privilege of serving and sharing
the gift that I am.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you! "

"And, by the way, all of those things that you have given thanks for do exist in your life. Love is the truth of you and there is not a lot of lack here. Your body is a miracle and is absolutely perfect. You are abundance. How could it be any other way?

And all about you in your exterior reality you are surrounded by love, by abundance, by the miracle of life. And you do know about the possible and probable realities -- wondrous and limitless.

You do know about peace and tranquility; about love and joy and laughter and play. And even if you cannot really grasp it in this Now, you truly are a gift.

Sing this song to your universe each day as you go forth to bathe your body, as you stand beneath the delicious flow of water and your beautiful body is warm and relaxed. The water is crystalline in property and is grandly magnifying, and as you sing forth the words, the sound embraced by the feeling in the Is-ness, in the Now of being in total abundance, you are in that reality. And as you go forth in your day, you carry with you the resonance, the energy that knows no lack."

Light Source P'taah
© 2008 Richard Ross. All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

All Life is Energy

This is taken from Jon Barron's Baseline of Health Foundation.

All life is energy. Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current. Our muscles are powered by chemical energy. Every cell in your body is a mini-battery pumping out 70-90 millivolts—when healthy.

The steak and potatoes that you eat for dinner are really just fuel for the fire. Eating is like throwing coal in a furnace. Digestion is nothing more than a slow form of burning that produces energy for your body to live on. In fact, death itself is defined as the absence of electrical activity in the brain. In the end, all life is energy.

Energy is neither good nor bad; it just is. It’s just a question of what frequency and amplitude you use and how you use it. And the same is true of all forms of energy.

The proper use of energy in the healing arts has a long and significant history. From the TENS machines and laser surgery to the use of sound waves to break up kidney stones, or X-rays and magnetic fields to see into the body and the use of light to clean the blood. (And, of course, the laying on of hands – a healing art that becomes a whole lot less arcane once you understand the working principle behind it.)

We’re talking about everything from electricity to magnetism, from light to sound. The only difference between all of these forms of energy is how fast the waves rise and fall (the frequency) and how intense those rises and falls are (their amplitude).

Theoretically, the idea is that there are all kinds of energies and sub atomic particles around us at all times, The TENS machine which use electric current to stimulate and relax muscles directly and a magnetic field to improve blood flow and block pain.

Water molecules contain electrical forces that cause the molecules to cluster together. (In fact, the overall charge of the water molecule is neutral, but the charge is not uniform over the entire molecule meaning that it tends to create an electric dipole, carry a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other.) This is easily seen in the way water beads up on the surface of a car after you wash it. If you disrupt those electrical forces, fewer molecules cluster together, which means the water clusters are smaller – making them better able to move in and out among the fibers of your clothes so the water cleans better or in and out through the walls of the cells in your body so the water carries nutrients and waste in and out better.

In a sense, water can function like a tape recorder, it can “remember” the frequencies of objects and substances it comes in contact with. Another way of looking at this is that water is nature’s great mimic. It can store the frequencies of things it comes in contact with and mimic the properties inherent in those frequencies/substances.

Every substance or object (animate or inanimate) absorbs and radiates energy in its own unique way. That is to say, every substance has its own unique energy fingerprint. This is even easier to understand when it comes to living beings. At every level we are fundamentally energy beings. Our entire body is built of a complex of electrical systems – even to the point that every single cell in our bodies functions as a mini battery.

The 8 Hz resonant frequency of the earth is known as the Schumann Resonance. An 8Hz standing wave helps reinforce your body’s own bio-electric field protecting it from damage caused by disruptive manmade frequencies such as the 60 Hz current in our buildings. There are actually a number of different healing frequencies, each helping in a different way.
At all times, your body is generating a complete spectrum of energies and frequencies – from the very beneficial to the not so beneficial. It absolutely is possible to concentrate and reflect the body’s own energy to promote healing.

People who are healthy tend to exhibit more of the beneficial frequencies at higher levels of intensity; whereas people who are ill tend to exhibit fewer of those frequencies and at lower levels of intensity.

We can be affected by energy applied to the body. Since every human body can generate and accept energy, it is possible for bodies to pass energy from one to the other. Everyone can do it. Some have talent and work to develop it. These are the people we call “healers.”

Anyone who makes the effort can learn to both feel and manipulate the energy. At that point it’s no longer theoretical. And this brings up a great question: if it’s so easy to feel, how come we don’t all feel it all of the time? How can something real be there but we can’t see it or feel it one moment, but can the next? If it’s real, wouldn’t we experience it all the time?

And the answer is very simple: we tune it out. Actually, this happens far more frequently than you might think. Our brains are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of bits of information every day. If we didn’t screen out “non essential” information, we would be overwhelmed by it.

Feeling energy moving in and out of your body is no different. The experience is there all the time. It’s just as real. We’re just shut down to it. To those who are oblivious to it, it’s easy to dismiss. Once you become sensitive to it, its reality is as unquestionable.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

ARCH and Hawaiian Wisdom

Reiki has been called the Emerald Ray because it operates out of the heart chakra (it's traditional color is green). ARCH, the acronym for Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, is the next step beyond Reiki. ARCH uses the full spectrum and encompasses all of the rays. It has the ability to heal instantaneously and resonates at a high frequency.

Not only does it use all the frequencies, but also it first works on the unconscious level, which is where people hold onto blockages that stop complete healing from happening. Then it works on the conscious level and ultimately on the Higher Divine Self.

Hawaiian Wisdom teaches about these three levels of increasingly higher life-force energy called mana (which heals the subconscious) mana mana (which heals the conscious), and mana loa (which heals the divine conscious).

When the mana is strong and people accept themselves as the powerful beings that they are - all things are possible.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Waxing Moon

The WAXING MOON is getting bigger. You can tell the difference between a waxing moon and a waning moon (getting smaller) by whether the cresent is on the right or the left. When it is a waning cresent about to disappear into the dark of the New Moon, it leaves from the left. The waxing moon returns (gets bigger) from the right.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Which comes first?

This is from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

They say an oak tree is brought into creation by two forces at the same time. There is the acorn from which it all begins, the seed which holds all promise and potential, which grows into the tree. There is another force operating as well. The future tree itself, which wants so badly to exist that it pulls the acorn into being, drawing the seedling forth with longing out of the void, guiding the evolution from nothingness to maturity. In this respect it is the oak tree that creates the very acorn from which it is born.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Understanding Flower Essences

Molly from Green Hope Farm says:

Understanding Flower Essences can be a challenge. An explanation of Essences usually includes odd words like vibration and electrical field. To add insult to injury, when you ask us questions, we say more peculiar things like, "Any amount of Essence you use will work fine," or, "Rubbing Essences on your dog's ears will work as well as putting it in his water bowl." How can this be? Here is my latest attempt to explain these marvelous tools.

Flower Essences are INFORMATION, specifically electrical information. Though they come in a liquid, Flower Essences are NOT CHEMICAL. They will not do anything to you in the way that a chemical remedy might kill germs in your system. The liquid in the bottle is a way to store the electrical information of the Flower Essence because liquid holds electricity well. Here's an analogy. The paper that a newspaper is printed on is, to the news, as the liquid a Flower Essence is stored in is to a Flower Essence. Both the paper and the liquid are vehicles for information to get to you. Your electrical system seeks helpful electrical information to maintain itself.

Much as our world concentrates on our reality as physical beings of chemical composition, we are just as much electrical beings, holding various electrical frequencies in our body. Flower Essences offer helpful electrical information to your electrical system which is always problem solving and searching for solutions to keep your electrical system running well. Your electrical system is not controlled by your personality so it makes wise decisions about what electrical information to pay attention to and what to disregard.
When you offer your electrical system the electrical information of a Flower Essence, your electrical system knows if the information is relevant and helpful to its electrical well being. It knows what is not needed. Your electrical system evaluates everything from an electrical point of view all day long. It knows immediately what will literally "add to the light of the situation" and what won't. That is why sometimes you may feel an almost magnetic pull to a Flower Essence. Your electrical system is trying to tune into the frequency of the Flower Essence that it knows will offer helpful information but it needs you to come closer to the Essence so that it can read the data.

To belabor the point (as I love to do!), your electrical system is working for your highest good and will seek out harmony over disharmony. This is why you can trust it to make good decisions about how to use the electrical information of a Flower Essence. First of all, Flower Essences are models of HIGH vibrations. A Flower Essence cannot offer your electrical system a bad vibration of anything. ... It knows what it needs. It knows what it does not need. It knows how to use the information a Flower Essence provides.

When you experience any emotional, mental, spiritual or physical symptom, it indicates that there is an electrical roadblock in your electrical system. Specific symptoms are linked to specific electrical roadblocks in specific parts of your body. This is why our Guidebook can link the vibration of an Essence to a symptom. This is why, if your electrical system solves the electrical roadblock, the symptom is resolved as well.

Many of these roadblocks are daily occurrences quickly solved by life's daily rhythms. For example, when your electrical system needs the restorative downtime sleep provides, you get sleepy and go to bed. Sleep, good food, connection with the natural world and joyful communion with others help us to vibrate more harmoniously and correct temporary roadblocks in our electrical systems.

Flower Essences are roadmaps to help when your electrical system runs into roadblocks that it cannot figure out how to solve. Flower Essences offer very specific electrical problem solving solutions for these more complicated roadblocks.

Your electrical system needs your help to bring the useful electrical information of Flower Essences into your electrical field where it can be read by your electrical system. However your electrical system will make the repairs without your help, once it has the electrical information it needs.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


This is a blessing and a prayer of forgiveness that I have humbly adapted from ancient Kanaka Maoli wisdom.

Ho’oponopono recognizes the negative situation and then moves past it to the positive benefit of the lesson learned from the experience, re-establishing health and balance. Balance is restored to the individual first and then throughout all of creation.

means ‘to cause’ in Hawaiian and ponopono means ‘perfection’.
Pono means to ‘make right’, to ‘rectify an error’ or to ‘restore balance and harmony to all’.
Being restored to pono means being right with ourselves, each other and all things.
In, pono au, we all have the capacity, to create for ourselves anything we desire.
Pule means ‘prayer’ or ‘blessing’. Be encircled with Aloha blessings.

Let’s start easy.
A ke mele ahua a pu’u (I connect with you in the song of my heart).

Visualize clear blue sky to allow your mind to settle and rest…..or just allow relaxation to spread throughout your body. As you relax……. move the energy in your body into harmony, happiness, and gratitude.

Imagine breathing slowly and easily ……….in and out through your heart………imagine your breath glows with white light……and fills your body with each inhale………radiating out from each and every cell……… containing all the colors of the rainbow …….

Be relaxed centered and peaceful. Release and dissolve any holding or tension. Allow this sense of relaxation to wash over you……… allowing love and joy and laughter to flow freely………… learn easily…… know what you know.

Ho – pay attention.


Now creating space to breathe….. inhale for the count of 4….. hold it to the bottom of your lungs for a count of 4..... exhale out to the sound of HA.....UH …… the breath begins and gathers power in the solar plexus…the belly….echoes and moves through the heart, then into the throat where it becomes spoken….HA..UH ….exhale to the count of 4………and hold for 4 counts.

PIKO PIKO…inhale in through your naval…na’au …..exhale out through your heart…pu’uwai….allow light to move through your body….
Inhale in through the top of your head… …and exhale out through the bottom of your feet.

And as you breathe... release any tension... any stress from any part of your body...heart… mind... any thoughts, memories and feelings... just let them go....dissolve and disappear… ......exhale with complete relaxation….. Perhaps even making a gentle “ha-a-a-a” sound, releasing all your muscles in a big sigh………… HAAAA……UHHHH….

Allow your awareness to rise above your head into your creative resourceful state above……….

As you breathe allow yourself to begin to experience a deep state of relaxation and …… begin experiencing your own internal power.

Experience how the energy in your body seemingly slows down while you exhale.

Now, as you inhale slowly, send your awareness deep down into the Earth below you, as if you have grown roots, down to the center of the Earth. Allow the power and resources you find there to travel up your roots. Allow this energy to enter through the bottom of your feet, easily moving up through your legs; up through your tailbone, filling your belly, moving through your heart, up through your throat, filling your whole head….front…..back ….and center………Take a moment to imagine every cell of your body completely filled with this energy,…….. opening easily and effortlessly, Again inhale slowly, and think of the sky above you and send your awareness high above your head – as if you have sprouted wings and now can fly far out into the universe………….

Imagine you follow a ray of light back…….. and allow yourself to be filled with this beautiful light through the top of your head……. now......

……Inhale in through the top of your head… …and exhale out through the bottom of your feet………. allowing light to move through your body.. warm energy that sends out rays of warmth and healing that penetrates every fiber of your being. …….. It is warming, relaxing, and healing at the deepest level of your being. ……

Feel the warmth spreading throughout ….. These rays are warming you, healing you, penetrating and joining with all that is you...Now imagine that these deeply warmly relaxing rays are tapping the powers of the universe and are healing and soothing your spirit, mind, and body. ….

experience it, see it, feel it flowing through your body and mind….literally cleaning house…re-arranging your thoughts into a pattern that allows you to become a part of your new future that is light and joyful…

Move that white light down through your body….filling your entire body with that bright white light….feel the energy come all the way down through your body until all of your parts….. mental, emotional and physical…. are aligned…..

Experience and feel that sense of peace flow through you... and sense of well being… and enjoy these positive feelings and keep them with you as long as you like....

Continue to be aware, ala, of your breath.

Kupono, to move straight towards a goal.
Your questions will be answered as the waves of understanding flow in.

State your problem or what you want to change. Intent releases power and energy, Mana Loa
Aloha, the joyful breath of life.
Enjoy the daily peace of blissful living, pa’anai and the true feeling of belonging, ‘ohana, aloha ‘aina

Noho iho i ka malie, be tranquil, safe and secure.
Know you are not alone and infinitely connected to your renewable source.

Ho’oponopono Pule,
Beginning Blessing/Prayer:

A Ke Akua, by your power and agreement
Ka lei aloha i Na KupunaIn the eternal circle of love in which we are surrounded by Spirit
I am in the Moment, noho au i keia manawa
And all moments are in ponopono, perfection
A me na Manawa iki ko’u pono.

I keia Manawa, uhane nui auIn this moment I am Spirit Greatness!
Mahalo nui no pomaika’i nei au
I am so grateful for all the blessings that surround me
in the circle of love filled with Spirit.
Ka lei aloha I Na Kupuna.

Breathing with intent restores balance and harmony to all…………..being right with ourselves, each other and all things…….in balance……. we all have the capacity, to create for ourselves anything we desire.

Enjoy the feeling of peace and the true feeling of belonging,
As you connect to the breath of life…………… the waves of understanding flow in.......become a moving stream of intention and intelligence.

Say to yourself, “In the providence of the mind I am unlimited.”

Ka Hea, the call, Ho’opaipai hele mai kahea

Ho’opaipai O Ke Nalu, ..... be in the Pa’a, the now...... be receiving….. aligning to the God of Light within….. your own Light Center of Gratitude..… encircling you with Aloha blessings…..gathering of the Halau (all healers in all dimensions, vibrations and energy)….. preserving and restoring wellness

In this moment, Kukulu kumahana, pool your energy of certainty and focus,…….. be receiving……… restoring wellness......channeling life and loving energy into yourself.....becoming a moving stream of intention and intelligence.....

, the healing I am about to do will benefit me, my family, relatives and ancestors, everyone involved, ho’okipa all parts of myself, pololeiand all points of view I have ever held.

I am sorry…kala mai ia’u
Kalana…Please forgive me for whatever error is going on inside of me
that manifests as the problem, pilikia.

'Uhane Nui, Spirit Greatness, Divine creator,
Original Source of Infinite Love, All That Is,
All that can be and will be, full and radiant
Akua, Ku’u Hoa Aloha, Alaka’i , Kahu
One within ourselves, holo’oko’amana’o, pu’uwai, na’au as one…
Spiritual, physical and emotional self,
Aumakua, ‘Uhane, Unihipili as one...
In darkness and light, now and forever

Ka hana mahiki, connect with joy, love, support, respect.
With nahenahe, compassion, Self trust comes to you

I ask from the center of my being, if I, my family, relatives and ancestors
have hurt, harmed or offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors
in thoughts, words, deeds and actions, within or without, above and below
from the beginning of our creation, to the present moment, I Keia Manawa,
awakening to what has always been and will be in the eternal now, Pa’a ,
authentic unto yourself, grounded, comfortable, secure and solid.
Alignment of your body, mind and spirit into vertical time
and for this and all times… forever into the future.

‘olu ‘olu, humbly, ha’aha’a, we ask your forgiveness, Kalana

Take all these memories, thoughts, and feelings, kaono,
layer beneath layer, mahiki
in my mind, body and life, that are attached to any person, place or thing
and release and set free, in this moment, in order to be released and set free,
kala kala i keia manawa …
Allow Spirit Greatness to kala’i, clear, neutralize, dissolve, cleanse, purify, release,
aka, cut all the unwanted negative, memories, blocks, energies and vibrations of any kind and

transmute these unwanted energies to pure light, creating a sacred void,
the emptiness of true freedom…

Now …In ‘oia ‘i ‘o, akahai, hilina’i, ahounui and lokahi,In truth, kindness, trust, patience and unity
I ask Spirit Greatness, ‘Uhane Nui,
to come in and fill the void with pure healing light
and never ending love, Aloha pau’ole,
Journey back to wholeness,
Kou ala a me aloha,
Like a beam of sunlight, please extend a Band of Gold light
around each and every atom, every molecule of reality
Ka hua huna o kumulipo
Please extend the light both above and below to form a golden sphere of light
Anuenue, containing all the colors of the rainbow, malamalama.

I am so grateful for this good work Po’okela, and return to
malama pono, the safe and reassuring state of being connected to Spirit, your highest Self, your sense of personal power and greatness,
Mana iho, the power to choose.

I am plenty, I am enough. Life can change.

Manawa iki ola pau’ole, always live in the moment

Ka lei Aloha ...We are renewed in the circle of LOVE,
Ike … expect the best
na ko’u hou’oli … it is my greatest pleasure to do so…
amama… so be it…
ua noa… let it fly
a’ole no… now leave it alone
Mahalo Pau… And it is done.
Mahalo nui no pomaika’i nei au… I am so grateful for all the blessings that surround me.
Give gratitude for the grace received
O ka maluhia no me oe…Peace be with you…
No ke’ia wa a mau a mau loa aku… Now and forever more.

Now have a period of silence, a peaceful moment…ho’omalu.

Now respectfully activate and return,
E homai, grant me
Ka ike mai, the skills, knowledge, understanding…return
Luna mai e, from above…
O na mea huna, and those hidden below and within
no’eau, wisdom, inspiration, talent, skills, hidden treasure
o na mele, and joy, what makes your heart sing (literally: of the songs)
e, with closure, having been heard…
I am returned, it is granted to me,
E homai… E homai… E homai

’s deeper meaning is the joyful, oha, sharing, alo, of life energy, ha, in the present, alo.

Please enjoy my version of Ho’oponopono, Ka Lei Aloha, which combines many healing elements. If this is different from what you have been taught, I am sorry. Please take what is of interest to you and leave the rest.

Here are places to find more information about the ancient wisdom of Hawaiian healing and biofield therapies. Please note that I do not agree with all the information available on these sites. Even though I am not native Hawaiian and am a malihini (newcomer), I have a deep respect for the Hawaiian culture and the gifts that the Aloha Spirit brings to all. Please use your own judgement of what is right for you.

Wise Secrets of Aloha
Ka Hana Pono
The Aloha Spirit
The Seven Principles of Huna

The Dynamind Technique
TAT Tapas Acupressure Technique
The ReConnection

The Pleasure Prescription

Take care, Sally

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Conscious Femininity by Marion Woodman

The work of Jungian analyst and writer, Marion Woodman. One of my favorite authors. She has taught me well.

Quotes from Conscious Femininity:

I am learning how to move into the conflict and hold the opposites and create a new path.

I am learning how to communicate my own experience of myself without blaming, attacking, or betraying you or me.

Learn to separate what is real from what is unreal, what stays and what goes.

I am learning to identify my preferences and communicate in a neutral way so you can receive them and not be threatened, hurt or betrayed.

Experience teaches me deeper questions and fewer answers.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"The Weirds"

Tree of Dreams by Lynn Andrews:
Through difficult times you struggle to find your balance, you loose your sense of self or identity. The period of struggle is called "the weirds". You redefine your own sanity.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Biofield Energy Therapies

Seeking alternatives to traditional medical treatments, many individuals are pursuing alternative and complementary methods of treatment and healing. Often called Energy Healing Techniques or Energy Medicine and now being called Biofield Therapies, many have come to us through native medicine traditions often thousands of years old. Considered among the oldest forms of healing, they include Flower Essences, Sound Healing, Emotional Release Meridian Tapping, Qigong, acupuncture, homeopathy and Reiki.

Each of our energy fields is an active “Biofield” that exists within our body and within an 18-inch perimeter of the body. Biofield practitioners are holistic and focus on the emotional, physical and spiritual states of health.
This may be a new concept to many of you.

Please take a look at this article if you would like more information.

By Arthur Widgery
You can read the entire article at

Everything in the universe is energy. Energy exists everywhere and when in motion creates an energy field allowing energy to be absorbed, conducted and transmitted.

Like all objects, the body radiates, absorbs and conducts frequency waves of energy. Each of our senses; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching, work through energies at specific frequency bands along the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our bodies may appear to be solid, but if we magnify the cells, molecules, and atoms of which we are composed, we would see that at the most basic level we are made up of subtle energy fields containing little, if any, matter. We are not just physical and chemical structures, but beings composed of energy.

Twenty years ago most of the electromagnetic spectrum was empty. Today, with more sophisticated measurement instrumentation, it is practically full. Science is finding that it is not the strong, high voltage-high intensity energies which cause the most change, but the lower, more subtle energies which are closer or more attuned to cellular communications in the body. Instruments such as the SQUID at M.I.T., Kirlian photographs, tensometers, and nuclear magnetic resonators have been used to detect extremely subtle energy fields emanating from all objects.

These latest discoveries show subtle energy forces in nature can penetrate everything, cause instantaneous reaction at incredible distances, do not behave according to known formulas, cannot be measured by conventional electronic test equipment, and represent a completely new spectrum of energy.

The references to this spectrum have been given many names such as: the second force of gravity, dowsing, radionics, scalar waves, L-fields, prana, Kirlian effect, chi, auras, orgone, the body electric or biofield. This biofield surrounds and is interwoven with the body. It serves as a communications device, a receiving and transmission system for converting coded information signals of energy into our thought, emotional and behavioral patterns as well as the life forming and healing powers of the physical body. The biofield surrounds and interpenetrates all matter.

The character of energy in the body is first electromagnetic and then ionic before it becomes molecular. As a result of this flow of energy from the most subtle to the most dense, disorders and degeneration in matter appear to result initially from imbalances in the subtle energies or biofields. Balanced biofields appear to supply energy to maintain a healthy state of matter.

Science defines energy as motion, and energy in the form of the motion of molecules and this arrangement is different as the form varies. For instance, the energy emanating from the activity of liver tissue would be different from that of the kidney, thyroid, stomach, pancreas, pituitary, or any other tissue of the body.

Atoms act like little radio transmitters broadcasting waves. Every person sends out waves of different lengths. Personal wave lengths are as individual as fingerprints. Each person and each individual part of the body produces different frequencies. Each organ, gland and tissue has its own vibration rate as well.

Researchers report that energy imbalances and blockages occurring in the field are usually due to trauma, stress, abuse, deficiencies, outside pathogens or auto-intoxication and immune dysfunction. The imbalances create subtle energy resistance at specific frequencies of the biofield. The imbalances may manifest themselves in many signs and signals such as: mental and emotional disorders, discomfort, pain, distress, etc.

Our bodies are constantly creating energy, constantly sending out and taking in wavelengths. Disease and disorder may also be caused by interferences in the natural vibrational frequencies. The primary objective may be the removal of these interferences and to correct harmonic balance.
The new frequencies of substance particles are said to interact with the process of metabolism and cell division. In one year every cell dies and is regenerated. Since this process is constantly going on in the body, the new cells will come in at the higher rate of vibration and the imbalanced cells will automatically fall away.

A medical drug, herb, homeopathic remedy or nutritional supplement works because the radiating signal it emits has the right harmonic relationship with those of the disease and the part of the body being affected. A part of the wave form being emitted by the drug, herb or whatever forms a discord with the radiations of the disease. Therefore, to achieve and maintain health, one must protect the energy flow throughout one's body. This energy must remain unblocked and in balance.

About the Fractals

About the art:FRACTALS are beautiful, complex mathematical functions with hidden order created from quantum physics chaos theory. These intricate geometric patterns are the result of positive feedback loops within the equation. The basic shape repeats itself on every level to infinity. Fractal equations are extremely sensitive and any tiny change will produce greatly different results. The closer you look the more detail you see.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nautiloid 1 Fractal by Wynn Schaible


Flower and Energy Essences are a very special type of alternative healing that work with Akua, the nature spirits and elementals that give form to all living things, to access the bio-energy/life force that is unique to each flower or natural material.

Allow me to be your guide in choosing and working with the vibrational healing qualities of Flower & Energy Essences. Working co-creatively with the Akua, nature spirits, devas and elementals, each drop of the healing waters of Flower & Energy Essences vibrates with its own positive healing quality. Essences work in subtle, gentle and safe ways on the fields of energy within and around our body, allowing healing to take place at all levels.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer my combined training and experience in therapeutic hypnosis, vibrational healing, meridian tapping, educational kinesiology, breath awareness and Hawaiian healing to begin the process of change, activate healing and inspire a beautiful life with intuition, expertise, elegance, compassion, grace, truth, love and gratitude.

Take care!

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