Flower and Energy Essences are a very special type of holistic healing that work with the nature spirits and elementals that give form to all living things. Our nervous system receives and transmits knowledge, accessing the bio-energy/life force that is unique to each flower or natural material. Essences work in subtle, gentle and safe ways on the fields of energy within and around our body, allowing healing to take place at all levels.

The Hawaiian language is beautiful and complex. The word, Akua, has many meanings. I use it here to mean the invisible, creative essence of nature, including the nature spirits that surround us. Please use these Essences with deep love and gratitude for the guidance, love, friendship and total commitment to our healing from the Flower and Nature Spirits.

Allow me to be your guide in choosing and working with the vibrational healing qualities of Flower & Energy Essences. Working co-creatively with the Akua, nature spirits, devas and elementals, each drop of the healing waters of Flower & Energy Essences vibrates with its own positive healing quality.

Molly from Green Hope Farm reminds us to follow our hearts when being guided to take Flower Essences.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer my combined training and experience in holistic hypnosis, vibrational healing, meridian tapping, educational kinesiology, breath awareness and Hawaiian healing to begin the process of change, activate healing and inspire a beautiful life with intuition, expertise, elegance, compassion, grace, truth, love and gratitude.

I hope you benefit from the information shared here. If this is different from what you have been taught, I am sorry. Please enjoy what is of interest to you and leave the rest.

Take care, Sally

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This is from the Munay-Ki website.

Rites of passage and initiation have been practiced for millennia by all peoples in the Earth. The rites of the Munay-Ki are based on initiatory practices of the Inka and pre-Inka shamans of the Andes and the Amazon. They are presented the way that Alberto Villoldo, PhD., learned from his mentors, stripped of all trace of the cultures they come from. He did this to respect the native traditions, and to avoid the idea that persons from the West can become traditional shamans or Indians. He offers these rites with full permission from his teacher, don Manuel Quispe, who was the last great medicine man of the Q’ero Inka nation.

These rites are not only stages of initiation, but perhaps steps for the evolution of humanity. We must find the wisdom to create peace among all peoples. As part of a vast and immeasurable Universe, we must find a human story that is inclusive of the stars. And as our ability to destroy the world increases, we are called to step up to the task of assuming stewardship for all creation.

In essence, the rites are about stewardship. They are not ego-awards or recognition of any kind of achievement, nor do they make anyone special. On the contrary, they make one uniquely unimportant. Only then, from a position of no-ego, can we truly be of service.

The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. The Munay-Ki comes from a Quechua word that means ‘I love you.’ The nine rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even though they are expressed in different forms and styles in different cultures. They derive from the great initiations from the Hindus Valley that were brought to the Americas by the first medicine men and women who crossed the Baring Straits from Siberia during the glacial period some 30,000 years ago. These courageous travelers were the Laika, the Earthkeepers of old.

The Laika have always been ordinary men and women who live extraordinary lives. They were not born with special gifts from Spirit; they have acquired uncommon grace and power through prayer, study of the wisdom teachings or Insights, and discipline. Some grew to be renowned leaders and healers, while others lived quiet lives, raising their children and growing corn. The Laika felt that people would come to the Munay-Ki when they were ready and felt a calling to do so.

Many of you have received such a calling from Spirit, and long to make a difference in the world and in your life. When you come to the path of the Earthkeepers with sincere intention and an open heart, you’ll soon notice that you’re not alone. You’ll find yourself in the company of like-minded people who strive to live by ethics and vision. And you’ll find yourself in the company of Earthkeepers who lived on this planet many thousands of years ago, luminous beings who are now part of the great matrix of life. These Earthkeepers will add their power and vision to yours.

As you experience the Munay-Ki, you’ll feel the presence and sense the wisdom of these luminous ones who have broken out of linear time and now dwell in sacred time, in infinity, free from the grip of karma and rebirth. The Munay-Ki will clear your luminous energy field of the psychic sludge left by past traumas. As you raise your level of vibration, these luminous beings will come to you and guide you. Connect with them, and you’ll be able to recall stories that you never experienced directly, but that are now yours. You’ll remember sitting around a fire with the buffalo behind you, and meditating in a stone temple above the snow line.

Since the Earthkeepers come from the future as well, they can help us to access who we’re becoming as humans 10,000 years from now. The memories from the past are available to the Laika who taps into that vast reservoir of knowledge that exists outside of time. The visions of the future come as possibilities, because everything in the future is still in potential form. That’s why Earthkeepers from the Hopi, the Maya, the Inka, and many other nations gather regularly to pray for peace on the earth. They do so by tracking along the possible futures for the planet to find one in which the rivers and the air are clean, and people live in harmony with each other and nature. The act of finding this desirable future installs it into our collective destiny and makes it a little bit more probable than it was before, because it has acquired another quanta of energy from these Earthkeepers.

When we connect with these luminous ones, their stories become our stories: We actually “remember” making our way across the Bering Straits or crossing the Sonora Desert into Central America, or even before that, making our way over the Himalayas to the fertile green valleys on our great journey north from India. When we partner with the Earthkeepers from the future, we make available to ourselves knowledge that can upgrade the quality of our DNA. This runs contrary to scientific wisdom, which says that our genes can only be informed by the past, by the gifts and illnesses our ancestors had. The Laika understand that when you are free of the bounds of time, the future can reach backwards like a giant hand to pull you forward. You can be influenced by who you are becoming.

As you receive the Munay-Ki, your chakras will become clear and you’ll acquire what the Laika know as the rainbow body. This is when your chakras glow with their original radiance. Remember that each of the chakras has a color, and when they’re shining with their original light, they emit the colors of the rainbow. When they’re dulled by trauma from this and from previous lifetimes, our LEF acquires a grayish hue and our chakras become pools of psychic sewage. Once we acquire a rainbow body, the luminous Earthkeepers can reach out to us because they recognize that we share a common vision and calling. When this happens, and if you’ve developed the ability to see into the invisible world, you can discern the former physical forms of these luminous ones. Sometimes, people will perceive these ancient Earthkeepers as Native American elders, wearing robes from Asia or furs from Siberia, or even feathers from the Amazon. Sometimes you’ll be able to perceive their thoughts and feelings. And you will have access to their wisdom and their stories. Eventually, as you experience the 7th, 8th, and 9th initiation, you can download a new and better version of the software that informs the LEF, which will then inform your DNA, giving it instructions on how to create a new body that will age, heal, and die differently.

There’s nothing you need to do to attract these luminous Earthkeepers. They will come to you when you invite them to do so and are ready to receive them. When the student is ready, the master appears. They will not disturb you in any way, but are available to support you in your efforts to bring a bit more light and healing into the world. They’re also there to protect you from the negativity and fearful energies in the world today.

The Nature of the Luminous Beings

These luminous ones are our medicine lineage, who are looking after the well-being of the planet. The Buddhists call them Bodhisattvas. They are the finest spiritual allies anyone can have, and they provide us with knowledge on how one becomes an angel. This is what the prophecies of the Laika mean when they tell us that we have the potential to become Homo luminous. As we become Earthkeepers, we can develop the luminous energy fields of angels within our lifetime. The Munay-Ki offers us the energetic keys to do this.

Initiation Rites

The training of the Earthkeepers has an energetic component, a series of initiations that help us to develop a new architecture in our luminous energy field. The rites anchor each of the critical junctures in the process of becoming homo luminous.

The nine rites are the sum total of attunements that we go through as we transit from the body of a human to the luminous body.

When an Earthkeeper gifts the Munay-Ki to a student, it is the lineage of luminous beings that transmits itself. To transfer this energetic information, the Earthkeeper simply maintains sacred space and embodies the vibration of the level she wants to transmit. While you can’t undergo these initiations on your own, once you receive them, the rites are yours to transmit to others as you wish.

The Nine Rites

The first rite consists of protections installed in your luminous energy field (LEF). These are known as the Bands of Power, and consist of five energetic bands representing earth, air, fire, water, and pure light. The Bands of Power were transmitted by Juan Victor Nuñez del Prado, whose father was one of the original discoverers of the Q’ero nation. These bands are installed in your Luminous energy field, and act as filters, breaking down into one of the five elements any negative energies that may come your way. The Bands of Power are always ‘on’, and provide essential protection.

The second rite is the Healers rite, which connects you to a lineage of Earthkeepers from the past that come and assist you in your personal healing. The Healers Rite is known as the Hampe blessing and comes from the highland Q’ero people. The Laika know that we have tremendous spiritual assistance available to us. These luminous beings work on us during our meditation and sleep time to heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

The third is the Harmony rites, in which you receive seven archetypes into your chakras. The Harmony Rite comes from the lowland Q’ero, the Huachipayre people from the edge of the Amazon. Alberto Villoldo learned it from don Alejandro Cahuanchi, a renowned healer. In the first chakra, you receive the archetype of serpent; jaguar goes into the second; hummingbird into the third; and eagle into the fourth. Then, three “archangels” go into your upper three chakras. Huascar Inka, the keeper of the lower world and the unconscious is transmitted into the fifth chakra; Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent God of the Americas, and keeper of the middle world (our waking world) goes into the sixth; and Pachakuti, the protector of the upper world (our super-conscious) and keeper of the time to come goes into the seventh chakra.

These archetypes are transmitted into your chakras as seeds. These seeds germinate with fire, and you have to perform a number of fire meditations to awaken them and help them grow. Afterward, they help combust the psychic sludge that has built up in your chakras, so that your chakras can shine with their original light as you acquire a rainbow body. This rite helps you to shed your past the way the serpent sheds her skin.

Next are the Seer rites. The Seers rite is practiced in many different forms among the North Coast peoples of Peru, (the descendants of the Chimu and Moche cultures), and by the seers and trackers of the Amazon. This rite installs filaments of light extending from your visual cortex in the back of your head to your third eye and heart chakras. This practice awakens your ability to perceive the invisible world. Many of our students at the Healing the Light Body School find that a few months after receiving the Seer rites, they’re able to perceive the world of energy around them.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Triangle of Spirit merging with the Triangle of Matter


The language of 'Numbers' represents the phenomenal reality of the cosmos.

Before numbers can evolve however, there needs to be a space within which to work.

This is represented by the zero.

The zero provides the space for all possible evolution of numbers.

It represents the potential of all numbers, while at the same time represents no number.

The zero is drawn like a circle (more like an ellipse) to represent that it has no beginning and no end.

In mathematics, dividing any number into zero will always equal zero. In addition, dividing any number by zero is undefined (or infinite).

The common number system that is in use today is called the base 10 number system. This means that there are 10 primary digits (0 - 9) that can be used in combination with each other to form a mathematical language.

The potential of any digit is always the greatest number in its base system. So for the base 10 system, the number 9 is of greatest significance.

The '9' will represent the culmination of our evolutionary process, as well as the location allotted for the adjusting and balancing of all limitations encountered through such evolution.

The symbology of 1 was (probably) first described as a circle (zero) with a dot in the center.

In ancient symbology this symbol also stood for the Sun, or the source of all life. From 1 comes everything else.

One is an expression of the state of pure consciousness, a representation of the infinite. Any number divided by 1 will always return itself.

Therefore, 1 has been termed the number of identity. There is complete harmony in the state of 1, as there are no distortions present there. Equally though, since there is nothing but 1, there is no way to experience it; it just IS. But in the stillness of universal consciousness resides the harmonic principle of duality, in its potential state. Therefore, the Creator, in an effort to experience Self, projected the Soul into the realm of duality in order to create the opportunity for experience. And it is this projection of Creator that then is exposed through the principle of numbers.

Though 2 can be visualized as a product of 2 ones, it is also in and of itself, prime.

Two, as represented by duality, exists in a myriad of forms throughout the cosmos and, as such, must be considered as an entity all of its own.

In the realm of duality (2), we have the phenomena of, for instance, the laws of attraction and repulsion, the polarities of yin and yang, the numbers odd and even, cause and effect, etc.

Three is the first created number, being the product of 1 and 2.

It exists as the union of 1 and 2, being the child of that union.

It cannot exist without either one of them, and as it dissolves, it returns to them. Due to the requirements just stated, 3 is best represented as the number of creation, or of that which is created.

Just as 1 corresponds to 2, 2 corresponds to 4 in a similar way. Thus 4 is also revealed as a prime number.

The best example of this is the symbol of the '+', or cross. It is not enough to say that the circle is divided by 2 twice.

Four represents the phenomenal manifestation in nature described through the 4 directions, the 4 suits, the 4 elements, the 4 cardinal points of the zodiac, the angles of a square, etc.

Due to its association with the manifestation of nature, it best represents the structure through which the cosmos is built.

The product of the 3 primary numbers (1, 2 and 4) gives 7, which has been termed the number of Potency.

The numbers 5 and 6 are created numbers from the primaries 1 + 4 = 5 and 2 + 4 = 6.

When we build a triangle pointing up of the prime numbers (1, 2 and 4), and intersect it with another triangle of the created numbers pointing down, this figure, representing the interlocking of 2 triangles, is found in a number of metaphysical and mystical texts.

The triangle of Spirit (1,2,4) merges with the triangle representing the 3 created numbers of Matter (3,5,6). with the merging of the heavenly and earthly triangles, the number 7 is created, representing the spirit behind manifestation.

At the moment that the interlocking triangles converge in the top circle, a bottom circle emerges, as shown in the diagram above.

The top circle represents our physical plane opportunity to contact spirit, and the bottom circle is a spiritual plane replication of the top circle as each number transits through the 7 revealing its higher octave aspect.

J = 11
Q = 12
K = 13

When any number in the bottom circle is added to its counterpart--that number opposite it through the diagonal--we get the number 21, or (3) 7's.

When 21 is reduced to a single digit it adds up to 3 (shown in the center).

The number 3 is the first created number--being a product of the prime numbers 1 and 2--and is related to the act of creation, or evolution.

For every point in the top circle, there is an higher octave aspect in the bottom circle.

The diagram below shows this relationship as the number system is laid out over the chakra system.

Here we find that when the pairs of numbers at each chakra level are added together we get 14, or (2) 7's.

When that number is reduced to a single digit we are given 5, the number of Soul.

This suggests that the purpose for the journey into physical manifestation is for the evolution of the Soul.

Edited from the Oracle Cards website.

7 Dimensions

The 1st Dimension provides the raw materials available to our incarnation, and symbolizes contact with the mineral kingdom.

The 2nd Dimension provides the arena for growth, and is represented by the plant kingdom.

The 3rd Dimension signifies the opportunity for movement or activity, and represents our contact with the animal kingdom.

The 4th Dimension is the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, and represents the human kingdom.

The 5th Dimension signifies the spiritual counterpart to the 3rd chakra, and represents our contact with the community of angels. Outwardly it houses the Throat chakra, which provides the opportunity to Create the moment through use of the spoken word. As counterpart to the 3rd chakra, the 5th chakra provides the location for the original will, a harmonic of the Will of God, to operate through the body.

The 6th Dimension signifies the spiritual counterpart to the 2nd chakra, and represents our contact with the community of arch-angels. Outwardly it represents the eyes, but spiritually the 3rd Eye - which directs and focuses the 3 rays of Divine Light onto the Brow chakra. The Brow chakra thus acts in a way similar to the retina of our eyes. As counterpart to the 2nd chakra, the 6th chakra provides the location for the original desire to be made visible.

The 7th Dimension signifies the spiritual counterpart to the 1st chakra, and symbolizes our contact with Creator (thus revealing the transcendental nature of the 7th chakra), providing the location where the Dance of Life plays out. As the Divine Light interpenetrates the central brain, the Pineal gland is activated within, essentially nourishing the Souls existence, which is the Dance of Shiva, or the Purpose of the individual Soul's incarnation. The Eye of Shiva opens to expose the universal consciousness resident in this union of the Dance of life and the Dance of Shiva.

Edited from Oracle Cards website.

Simplistic symbolic picture of the evolution of number and of the suits.

In the 1st image, the red circle with black dot (drop of divine nectar) appears (1), while simultaneously the diagonal (2) emerges - dividing the space equally.

This reveals the black circle with red dot (the karmic drop of physicality - 3, the created one).

The red circle (Heaven) above the diagonal (the veil) with the black circle below (Earth) signifies the realm of all possibility (4).

Taken as a whole, this image resembles the lemniscate in its upright position. The lemniscate is a mathematical symbol for infinity, which resembles a figure-eight on it’s side.

The 2nd image represents movement within infinity.

The drop of divine nectar, Heaven, crosses the firmament, but its central point stays attached to the diagonal.

At the same time, the karmic drop is magnetically drawn up through the diagonal both equal and opposite to its heavenly counterpart.

Again, this image has embedded within it the number eight, but this time rotated 90 degrees - resembling the lemniscate.

The 3rd image shows that the Drops continue their movement until they reach the fullness of the space.

The representation of the Heart appearing upside-down in this image is reflective of the phenomena similar to what happens in our eyes (as well as our 3rd Eye).

The rays are refracted and focused by the lens onto the retina causing the image to appear upside-down.

The Heart represents our emergence into physical reality, where as the evolved spade represents the perfected response to all choice, called here The Cherub.

The Cherub represents a place within each of us that knows the difference between right action and wrong action - and can be contacted at any moment.

Since each individual will have their own unique contract with Creator, the concept of right action and wrong action will be unique to each.

Thus, the Cherub represents the ultimate honesty and supercedes any written document.

The journey of the Heart is to pass through all of the phases of evolution, aligning with the suit represented at each chakra level.

When the Heart aligns with the Spade in the 1st chakra--balanced with the 7th chakra--a circuit is complete which connects the archetypal Shiva (Heaven) with his mate Shakti (Earth).

The union of Shiva and Shakti in the body manifests divine bliss, exposing the intimate connection with Creator.

The Ego represents the physical plane manifestation of the Self, essentially the lower self, which is everything below the veil dividing the 4th dimension.

The Cherub then represents our presence above the veil (our Position within Spirit) and can be seen as the voice of the higher self.

Simplistic symbolic picture of the evolution of number and of the suits from Oracle Cards.

Circulation of the Light

The Circulation of Light is an operation of alchemy in which the light of consciousness (or life force) is progressively purified and concentrated through three symbolic cauldrons within the body. The goal is to create a Body of Light allowing us to function on a more evolved plane of existence.

The first of these inner cauldrons is the Lower Tan Tien, which is situated in the abdomen between the pelvis and navel. Sexual, vital, and spiritual essences are gathered and blended, energizing the first three chackras. Once this solar channel of yang energy is energized, it is brought up the primary or governor channel along the back or dorsal of the spine.

The Middle Tan Tien cauldron is between the solar plexus and diaphragm and its energies are associated with the heart, lungs, and throat. This is where the soul finds expression, activating the heart and throat chakras.

The Upper Tan Tien is known as the Crystal Palace. This “precious” cauldron at the center of the brain is also called the Sacred Square Inch, the Heavenly Heart, or the Cavity of Spirit. It is where the higher self or spirit from Above dwells, activating of the third eye or brow and crown chakras.

The Upper Tan Tien is associated with the center of the brain where the pineal gland is located. When this gland is activated, it is said to become illuminated like thousands of shining crystals, able to receive light (as energy and knowledge) from the universe that descends to the heart center, where it mixes with the ascending “Red Drop” to attain an enlightened body and mind.

All this activity is referred to as the Sacred Marriage, a kind of cosmic sex act in the head. The phallic-shaped pineal gland releases a pure white liquid light that impregnates the nearby bi-lobed pituitary gland, which then releases hormones in the blood that inaugurate a Spiritual awakening in the body.

This final stage is not accomplished in just a single round of operations but must continue until all impurities have been eliminated, and the light is in its most concentrated form. Thus, the purified inner light is returned from the Upper Tan Tien to the Lower Tan Tien down the lunar channel of yin energy or secondary Functional Channel along inside of the spine.

The energy is then once again guided by thought and imagination inward to the center of the body, where it is progressively refined and transmuted through the three cauldrons.

The Circulation of the Light may be repeated daily for months or even years, until enough of the “light” collects to crystallize in the cauldron with-in the brain. According to Chinese alchemists, the subtle matter distilled through this process congeals into a Golden Pill, which is the adept’s passage to perfect health and even immortality.

Western alchemists would call the product of these repeated distillations the “Mother of the Stone.”

But the goal is the same in both systems: to create a Body of Light allowing us to function on a more evolved plane of existence than in the ordinary physical body.

Edited from the Oracle Cards website.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


OLIVE GREEN speaks space and wisdom, feminine leadership qualities, and peace through compassion for humanity. OLIVE GREEN asks the questions: "Can I surrender to the new way of power and leadership? Can I embrace the ancient ways of honoring each individual for who they are? Can I radiate my feminine power so that others may learn?" Men may fear this new energy and its direction of feminine power.

OLIVE GREEN is the first possibility of new hope in the development of humankind. It is being the feminine archetype of compassion, wisdom, acceptance and understanding and modeling it to others. It is not power over others, but celebrating each individual for who they are and therefore empowering them. It is standing in someone's shoes so that you may understand more of the human journey toward peace and love. This can only happen when you merge with the heart of another.

The beginning ray of surrender. The yellow portion is the energy of individual mind and will merging with the heart and space of green. OLIVE GREEN forms the bridge between the will and the heart, which lends clarity. OLIVE GREEN can either bring out or repress the human spirit. If not addressed our little will becomes the authority. The clarity of yellow enables one to see the direction of the of the heart (green), and enables one to stand in their own power, yet allow others their space. When imbalanced: Transmutation of fear (yellow) and bitterness (green) is necessary to shift to the new energy of empowerment.

Inability to balance the female/male energy or yin and yang and therefore being unable to access the wisdom of OLIVE GREEN.

The wisdom of Solomon. Discernment. Hope. A new life promised, as symbolized by the dove carrying the olive branch back to Noah. The ability to transform the spiritual into daily life. The ability to laugh at oneself as a spiritual quality. Yellow, the color of joy combined with green, the color of space and truth equal groundedness. When imbalanced: Brings up all issues of leadership, especially feminine energy. May need to resolve the outdated patriarchal power/energy. The old control base. Christ was a great defender of women, and a strong female energy surrounded the Christ right up until the crucifixion. Even this final act was a metaphor for surrender. Colour of the Holy Spirit.

Diplomacy. Harmony. Completion. Mental awareness of qualities expressed in new kind of leadership. Discernment. Self acceptance. Flexibility vs. inflexibility.

Self -love. Detachment from one's own emotions. We must integrate the energy of the yellow and green rays before we can surrender into OLIVE GREEN and the promise of knowing. When imbalanced: Bitterness. Fear. Not being grounded.

Olivine, Peridot, Jade, Aventurine, Serpentine, Green Garnet

Spodumene, Hiddenite, Green Calcite, Aquamarine, Green Apophyllite, Green Smithsonite

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