Flower and Energy Essences are a very special type of holistic healing that work with the nature spirits and elementals that give form to all living things. Our nervous system receives and transmits knowledge, accessing the bio-energy/life force that is unique to each flower or natural material. Essences work in subtle, gentle and safe ways on the fields of energy within and around our body, allowing healing to take place at all levels.

The Hawaiian language is beautiful and complex. The word, Akua, has many meanings. I use it here to mean the invisible, creative essence of nature, including the nature spirits that surround us. Please use these Essences with deep love and gratitude for the guidance, love, friendship and total commitment to our healing from the Flower and Nature Spirits.

Allow me to be your guide in choosing and working with the vibrational healing qualities of Flower & Energy Essences. Working co-creatively with the Akua, nature spirits, devas and elementals, each drop of the healing waters of Flower & Energy Essences vibrates with its own positive healing quality.

Molly from Green Hope Farm reminds us to follow our hearts when being guided to take Flower Essences.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer my combined training and experience in holistic hypnosis, vibrational healing, meridian tapping, educational kinesiology, breath awareness and Hawaiian healing to begin the process of change, activate healing and inspire a beautiful life with intuition, expertise, elegance, compassion, grace, truth, love and gratitude.

I hope you benefit from the information shared here. If this is different from what you have been taught, I am sorry. Please enjoy what is of interest to you and leave the rest.

Take care, Sally

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Understanding Flower Essences

Molly from Green Hope Farm says:

Understanding Flower Essences can be a challenge. An explanation of Essences usually includes odd words like vibration and electrical field. To add insult to injury, when you ask us questions, we say more peculiar things like, "Any amount of Essence you use will work fine," or, "Rubbing Essences on your dog's ears will work as well as putting it in his water bowl." How can this be? Here is my latest attempt to explain these marvelous tools.

Flower Essences are INFORMATION, specifically electrical information. Though they come in a liquid, Flower Essences are NOT CHEMICAL. They will not do anything to you in the way that a chemical remedy might kill germs in your system. The liquid in the bottle is a way to store the electrical information of the Flower Essence because liquid holds electricity well. Here's an analogy. The paper that a newspaper is printed on is, to the news, as the liquid a Flower Essence is stored in is to a Flower Essence. Both the paper and the liquid are vehicles for information to get to you. Your electrical system seeks helpful electrical information to maintain itself.

Much as our world concentrates on our reality as physical beings of chemical composition, we are just as much electrical beings, holding various electrical frequencies in our body. Flower Essences offer helpful electrical information to your electrical system which is always problem solving and searching for solutions to keep your electrical system running well. Your electrical system is not controlled by your personality so it makes wise decisions about what electrical information to pay attention to and what to disregard.
When you offer your electrical system the electrical information of a Flower Essence, your electrical system knows if the information is relevant and helpful to its electrical well being. It knows what is not needed. Your electrical system evaluates everything from an electrical point of view all day long. It knows immediately what will literally "add to the light of the situation" and what won't. That is why sometimes you may feel an almost magnetic pull to a Flower Essence. Your electrical system is trying to tune into the frequency of the Flower Essence that it knows will offer helpful information but it needs you to come closer to the Essence so that it can read the data.

To belabor the point (as I love to do!), your electrical system is working for your highest good and will seek out harmony over disharmony. This is why you can trust it to make good decisions about how to use the electrical information of a Flower Essence. First of all, Flower Essences are models of HIGH vibrations. A Flower Essence cannot offer your electrical system a bad vibration of anything. ... It knows what it needs. It knows what it does not need. It knows how to use the information a Flower Essence provides.

When you experience any emotional, mental, spiritual or physical symptom, it indicates that there is an electrical roadblock in your electrical system. Specific symptoms are linked to specific electrical roadblocks in specific parts of your body. This is why our Guidebook can link the vibration of an Essence to a symptom. This is why, if your electrical system solves the electrical roadblock, the symptom is resolved as well.

Many of these roadblocks are daily occurrences quickly solved by life's daily rhythms. For example, when your electrical system needs the restorative downtime sleep provides, you get sleepy and go to bed. Sleep, good food, connection with the natural world and joyful communion with others help us to vibrate more harmoniously and correct temporary roadblocks in our electrical systems.

Flower Essences are roadmaps to help when your electrical system runs into roadblocks that it cannot figure out how to solve. Flower Essences offer very specific electrical problem solving solutions for these more complicated roadblocks.

Your electrical system needs your help to bring the useful electrical information of Flower Essences into your electrical field where it can be read by your electrical system. However your electrical system will make the repairs without your help, once it has the electrical information it needs.

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