Flower and Energy Essences are a very special type of holistic healing that work with the nature spirits and elementals that give form to all living things. Our nervous system receives and transmits knowledge, accessing the bio-energy/life force that is unique to each flower or natural material. Essences work in subtle, gentle and safe ways on the fields of energy within and around our body, allowing healing to take place at all levels.

The Hawaiian language is beautiful and complex. The word, Akua, has many meanings. I use it here to mean the invisible, creative essence of nature, including the nature spirits that surround us. Please use these Essences with deep love and gratitude for the guidance, love, friendship and total commitment to our healing from the Flower and Nature Spirits.

Allow me to be your guide in choosing and working with the vibrational healing qualities of Flower & Energy Essences. Working co-creatively with the Akua, nature spirits, devas and elementals, each drop of the healing waters of Flower & Energy Essences vibrates with its own positive healing quality.

Molly from Green Hope Farm reminds us to follow our hearts when being guided to take Flower Essences.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer my combined training and experience in holistic hypnosis, vibrational healing, meridian tapping, educational kinesiology, breath awareness and Hawaiian healing to begin the process of change, activate healing and inspire a beautiful life with intuition, expertise, elegance, compassion, grace, truth, love and gratitude.

I hope you benefit from the information shared here. If this is different from what you have been taught, I am sorry. Please enjoy what is of interest to you and leave the rest.

Take care, Sally

Sunday, January 3, 2010


OLIVE GREEN speaks space and wisdom, feminine leadership qualities, and peace through compassion for humanity. OLIVE GREEN asks the questions: "Can I surrender to the new way of power and leadership? Can I embrace the ancient ways of honoring each individual for who they are? Can I radiate my feminine power so that others may learn?" Men may fear this new energy and its direction of feminine power.

OLIVE GREEN is the first possibility of new hope in the development of humankind. It is being the feminine archetype of compassion, wisdom, acceptance and understanding and modeling it to others. It is not power over others, but celebrating each individual for who they are and therefore empowering them. It is standing in someone's shoes so that you may understand more of the human journey toward peace and love. This can only happen when you merge with the heart of another.

The beginning ray of surrender. The yellow portion is the energy of individual mind and will merging with the heart and space of green. OLIVE GREEN forms the bridge between the will and the heart, which lends clarity. OLIVE GREEN can either bring out or repress the human spirit. If not addressed our little will becomes the authority. The clarity of yellow enables one to see the direction of the of the heart (green), and enables one to stand in their own power, yet allow others their space. When imbalanced: Transmutation of fear (yellow) and bitterness (green) is necessary to shift to the new energy of empowerment.

Inability to balance the female/male energy or yin and yang and therefore being unable to access the wisdom of OLIVE GREEN.

The wisdom of Solomon. Discernment. Hope. A new life promised, as symbolized by the dove carrying the olive branch back to Noah. The ability to transform the spiritual into daily life. The ability to laugh at oneself as a spiritual quality. Yellow, the color of joy combined with green, the color of space and truth equal groundedness. When imbalanced: Brings up all issues of leadership, especially feminine energy. May need to resolve the outdated patriarchal power/energy. The old control base. Christ was a great defender of women, and a strong female energy surrounded the Christ right up until the crucifixion. Even this final act was a metaphor for surrender. Colour of the Holy Spirit.

Diplomacy. Harmony. Completion. Mental awareness of qualities expressed in new kind of leadership. Discernment. Self acceptance. Flexibility vs. inflexibility.

Self -love. Detachment from one's own emotions. We must integrate the energy of the yellow and green rays before we can surrender into OLIVE GREEN and the promise of knowing. When imbalanced: Bitterness. Fear. Not being grounded.

Olivine, Peridot, Jade, Aventurine, Serpentine, Green Garnet

Spodumene, Hiddenite, Green Calcite, Aquamarine, Green Apophyllite, Green Smithsonite

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